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Placing an Order: Terms & Conditions

To place an order, firstly contact me via email, phone or see me at a show. We can then discuss your needs, what it is you are after. If you are not quite sure, I can often offer advice as to what would be correct for the period you are interested in. If you then wish to place an order the following Terms & Conditions apply...

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms - A 30% deposit of the agreed order price total is required to secure a place on our waiting list at which point an estimated delivery date will be provided. I endeavour to meet all estimated delivery dates, however, occasionally I am subject to delays from our suppliers, in such cases I advise my clients accordingly. Once an order is accepted the deposit is non-refundable, even if the order is subsequently cancelled by the client. On completion of an order clients are required to settle the balance owed before delivery of armour or upon collection from the workshop.

Price Guidance 2013

All prices here are a guide, each item I make is a one off and there are many options that can affect price, please make sure you have discussed your order fully with me before placing an order.

Morions - English, Dutch, Cabbasets from £105 in self colour or from £125 in fire black finish. Other styles - P.O.A

Burgonets - from £250 in self colour or from £300 in fire black finish Black and white style from £360 painted finish or from £500 for fire black finish. Other styles - P.O.A

Lobster pot Helmets - “Littlecote” style 3 bar pot - from £360 Other styles - P.O.A

English Civil War style back and Breastplates Style 1 - made to measure, fire black finish (our most authentic shape and style) from £420 Style 2 - made to measure, self colour, same pattern as above but slightly less refined shape and finish - from £310 Style 3 - basic shaping entry level armour suitable for LARP or those with a lower budget - from £125 16thC Back and Breastplates - P.O.A

Dark age helmets from £250 Early 16thC “almaine rivet” armours - P.O.A

Living History equipment Cooking tripods from £35 S hooks from £1.50 Fire pokers from £15 cooking pans from £20 Fire Braziers etc P.O.A