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About Adam Blockley

Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Adam Blockley. I am 37years old and live in the South Warwick shire village of Kineton with my wife Jocasta and two daughters Grace and Eleanor.

My workshop is situated in the neighbouring village of Combrook. I have an extensive background in fine art, sculptor and blacksmithing. I have been making armour as a hobby since 1993 and as a profession since 2009. I am a re-enactor and take part in 17thC battles with Phillip Skippon’s Regiment of Foote, part of the Sealed Knot society.

Most of my work is custom made to customers requirements but occasionally I have a few stock items - please check out my Facebook page for any updates on this.

I specialise in armour of the late 16th Century and 17th century such as that used in the English Civil Wars and the 30 years Wars on the Continent, however I also cover all other periods. Some examples of this include Dark ages helmets to Almain Rivet Corslets for the Battle of Flodden.
All my work is researched thoroughly and hand forged. I am happy to advise on the best type of armour to wear for your re-enactment needs or for your private collection.  I am more than happy to take on commissions from overseas coustomers. To date I have exported items to the U.S, Australia and all over Europe! I am also more than happy to undertake restoration work on original antique armour.


A typical “Munitions” quality Pikeman’s Back and Breastplate will be left “rough from the hammer”, with some hammer and file marks left on the armour. The armour will be heated back up again, and sealed with a combination of oil and wax to give an even, black, and most importantly, authentic finish. On the back plate there will be a small swivel hook used for hanging a helmet whilst on the march.

I find that the thickness combination of 16 gauge (1.5 mm) on the front, and 18 gauge (1.2mm) on the back, works well because the weight is not too heavy to wear for long periods of time, and is closest to the weight of comparable original examples I have studied. Also, since the armour is hand forged, it has greater strength and rigidity compared to cheaper “off the peg” armour, which often is pressed out or simply rolled or bent into shape. Thicker or thinner gauges of steel can be used on request.

Some of my customers include members of The English civil War society, The Sealed Knot, Stratford Armouries, Warts’n’All, The Suffolk Free Company and many private collectors.

I can also make repairs or alterations to your existing armour, and will consider part exchange against the purchase of new armour

Special commissions, such as higher-grade officer’s armour are always welcome, please CONTACT me to discuss your needs.