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I make a wide variety of helmets suitable for both display and battlefield use. I specialise in helemts from the 16th and 17th centuries. The helmets shown below are mainly from these periods. Some of the designs are 'very' 16th or 'very' 17th century. Most 16th century helmets still appear in the 17th century to some degree or another. If you are not sure how suitable a helmet would be for your period please CONTACT me and maybe discuss it with your group's Authenticity Officer, if you have one.

The names given to helmets throughout the 16th & 17th centuries change as much as the helmets themselves. In fact many of the names of particular helmets were probably given to them in later years. The most common name was the Morion; however they come in varying forms for example there is the English Morion, the Spanish Morion, the Cabaset Morion, the Dutch Morion, the Comb Morion. The differences beteween one style or another are sometimes quite small and you will often find contradictory labels in books, museums and other sources. To avoid confusion, when talking to me, use the labels on this site.

I make helmets for other periods, if you can't see what you want please CONTACT me, to discuss your needs.

Helmets can be made to measure and to meet your requirements. They can be Munitions grade suitable for a common soldier in the ranks or Officer grade, suitable for a gentleman of standing.

To have closer look at any of the helmets click on the image. Please note any prices given are guide prices only.

Burgonet Steel Bonnet Burgonet Black & White
Brown burgonet Burgonet Red Leather Trim Cabaset 1
Cabaset 2 Comb Morion 1 Dutch Officer's Morion
Dutch Morion English Pikeman's Pot
Zischagge Secret  Dark Ages Panel Helm