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Don't just take my word for it. Here you can find what some of my customers have to say about my work.

As a member of Prince Rupert's Lifeguard of Horse, I wanted something a bit showy as well as an authentically made Back and Breast. Adam didn't disappoint by producing some stunningly good looking armor with brass straps. I was also concerned that I would be having the weight of two chunks of iron banging on my shoulders as we chase Waller's Horse from the field, but it fits like a glove and the weight is evenly distributed over the torso with no discernible weight on my shoulders. As a traditional craftsman myself, (Thatcher), I know top quality handwork when I see it, Highly recommended.

Bharti Cox, Sealed knot

As an arms and armour historian specialising in the 16th and particularly the 17th centuries I was delighted a number of years ago to come across someone who was producing carefully crafted and researched pieces of armour. Having spent a number of years working with the Wallace Collection in London and studying arms and armour from across Europe, especially the imperial armoury in Vienna, I can say that Adam’s work is truly inspiring. All the research I have shared with Adam has been enthusiastically received and incorporated into his pieces. His work constantly surprises with its ever increasing high quality and attention to detail. He is fast becoming a truly exceptional armourer and I recommend his pieces to anyone with an interest in the subject.

Keith A Dowen Arms and Armour Historian


I've been a Pikeman in the Sealed Knot Society for 14 years and i've been wearing Armour for 12. The first set was awful but it taught me a valuable lesson about always using a professional Armourer/Blacksmith. The second set was alot better and served me well and furthermore, i was happy with it. At least i was until i saw Adam Blockley's work. I decided there and then that i had to get some. Although not cheap, Adam's work is without doubt the best i have ever seen and on receiving it, the best i've ever worn. the quality, strength, and workmanship is outstanding! My new Back and Breast looks like it came straight out of the Royal Armoury. Mr Blockley is a true professional. He takes his time measuring you for a perfect fit and his attention to detail is second to none. To make sure the fit is correct, after he has made the back and breast plates, he insists on a preliminary fitting before finishing the armour. Be aware that this all takes time but it is well worth the wait. i couldn't be happier and if that isn't enough, Mr Blockley is more than happy to let you pay for the armour (or whatever you are having made) in monthly payments until the full amount has been paid. this method of payment was a great help to me. Basically, it meant i could afford a first class product. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your time and money going anywhere else. You won't find any better!

Jeremy Gilbert,

Pikeman. Sir George Lisle's Regt of Foote.


Adam has now supplied several members of our Elizabethan group with helmets and and armour. Each item has been well made, to our specifications. Adam has shown his knowledge of our period and understands our requirements. He has always been a pleasure to deal with, easy to talk to and honest in his dealings. Frankly we would not go anywhere else now, his work represents excellent value for money. We get a good, accurate, wearable and useable piece of kit every time. When talking to members of the public at shows he is named as the armourer for our Trained Bande.

Tim Eagling

The Suffolk Free Company


 I recently commissioned an 18thC portable firetray from Adam Blockley for use in mid 18thC living history displays. I didn't have to wait long for the item, and the build quality was superb and very robust. I can see this firetray having many years of use. Adam is very amenable and a pleasure to do business with, highly recommended! -

Andy Sargent  Crichton of Auchingoul's LH Unit